My thought for the day – for every day! How can we slow down sufficiently from the rush of modern contempary life and the plethora of distractions which hinder our ability to really be present in the experience of our life as it is now. So often I see people on their yoga mat re-enacting their patterns of tension in daily life – bracing, breath holding, forcing and in a hurry! If we can sense and not think our way in to movement we become more embodied and connected. Consider a quality of continuum in mindful awareness in to and out of the posture as of greatest importance. Ask yourself am I supported or collapsed, open or closing in, “am I breathing with ease”- if not what does this tell you about the way you are practicing? Our needs are always changing so our practice must respond – sometimes it needs to be more energising and at other times more nurturing.

Share smiles and practice well.

Namaste.      Will

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